In spite of the cold and extreme weather conditions, be it a night out with the girls or a private dinner with a loved one or your alone time you can still make it a memorable one.

It’s just me alone !!

Alone time can be a little depressing at this time of the year but who said you need to be with someone romantic to feel special? Having a relationship with yourself first is the best way to be happy. Embrace the time you have to spend with your family, friends and in developing yourself.

How do I deal with social media and all lovebirds?  

Girl! Hook yourself up, go get pampered buy that dress you really like plan a photoshoot and get your hair and makeup done, then post away. If you’re on a budget you can still make it work; look in your closet pair things you haven’t worn together or something you have not posted before and do your makeup yourself . Here are some makeup looks to try out 

Or you can play with a little red.

So, I’m going out with my partner and he isn’t  big on makeup but I want to enhance my beauty! 

You’re not alone, a lot of men do not like when makeup overpowers your natural beauty. Don’t take it in a bad way if he doesn’t commend you when you’re beaten to the gods with your foundation looking lighter than your skin, or your layers are visible and when u wipe,he can see you skin screaming free me! Keeping it simple is Safe. You can always transition from a bold lip to a soft lip or the other way around.


Whatever your situation is, make the best of it and remember to be grateful for the little things.


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I am a wife, a mother of two, a biochemists, a student and a Makeup artist. I’m American by marriage and Nigerian by birth. I have been into Makeup since I was 13 years old, it’s my passion. My goal is to share my experiences with you all and hopefully the tips help your every day makeup routine.

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