The Perfect Guest

Makeup by: @beautyandgracemakeup

It’s snowing in some parts of the world , while other parts are Sunny and hot; some areas are dry, dusty and windy. One thing is sure mutual in all parts, the holidays are around the corner.

So how are you the perfect guest? It’s simple, show up flawless. Try to have nice hair , skin , outfit and makeup .

Tips for a healthy skin

  • Stay hydrated : drink at list eight bottles of water. Water is life it’s aids digestion, hence helps excretions. There are many benefits to drinking water and I’ll write another extensive post on that topic
  • Cut out sugar: you’ll see a tremendous improvement with your skin
  • Eat a lot of veggies and fruit .
  • Don’t sleep with your makeup on.
  • Wash your makeup brushes.
  • Moisturize

Our skin is the largest organ and we have to ensure that we take good care of it.

Make up

The colors for the season are red, green ,gold, and white . I suggest a soft Smokey eye and a beautiful

red lip. The key to pulling off the perfect red lip is by keeping the eyes as simple and as neutral as possible, I suggest applying your lip stick with a lip brush . Here are some looks and different shades of red lips I created on my clients , you can try to recreate them or book an appointment with a makeup artist .

Try tracing your lips with a lip pencil (preferably the same color as your lipstick), and fill it out with your lipstick. It gives a cleaner finish. With the perfect red lips, you’ll be glamorous. For more tips, please follow me on all my social media pages @beautyandgracemakeup.

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