Promise to do it like a pro

It’s one thing to make a decision and it’s another thing to stick to it, but when it comes to your appearance, however, there should be no failed promises.

I believe that your brows should be given a lot of attention. Take out time to find a good brow artist and get them in the right shape also groom them as often as needed. Don’t try to do it yourself (that could end in a brow disaster).

I personally like to use a brow gel as shown here. You can also use a brow pencil as illustrated in the photo or a brow filler/powder. Although the  brow gel is a personal favorite, I still work with all brow product as they all serve different purposes.

So lets try to form a good beauty habit by always grooming our brows and filling them in like a pro .


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I am a wife, a mother of two, a biochemists, a student and a Makeup artist. I’m American by marriage and Nigerian by birth. I have been into Makeup since I was 13 years old, it’s my passion. My goal is to share my experiences with you all and hopefully the tips help your every day makeup routine.


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